BumpTop Free 2.1.6225

Amazing 3D Windows desktop

If you're tired of your Windows desktop and changing the wallpaper doesn't work anymore, try going for the third dimension! View full description


  • Very intuitive
  • Impressive design
  • Customizable appearance
  • Icons behave like real-life objects


  • High system requirements
  • Beautiful, but not that useful after all

Very good

If you're tired of your Windows desktop and changing the wallpaper doesn't work anymore, try going for the third dimension!

BumpTop is an alternative three-dimensional desktop that lets you manage icons and files in a totally 3D environment that also follows basic physics rules. In this sense, files behave like real-life objects, which you can throw against windows, hang from walls and pile up in stacks according to different criteria.

BumpTop's appearance is simply spectacular. The 3D design is like nothing you've seen so far in desktop management. Managing files and folders like objects is fun. What's more, you can decorate the desktop with sticky notes, photos and also different themes.

That said, the truth is that BumpTop is more beautiful than practical. Despite having some nice usability tricks, like being able to print a document just by dragging and dropping it on the printer's icon, I don't think a 3D environment is the most useful way to manage your desktop – not to mention the app's high system requirements.

If you like original desktop environments and don’t care that much about usability, BumpTop is pretty much the best you can get.


  • New webkit-based widget for Facebook which allows uploading of Facebook images from your desktop, show images from Facebook photo feed
  • New theme installation wizard
  • Physics-related crash fixes
  • Text visibility fixes for icon labels and other visual glitches
  • Bugfixes and stability enhancements


BumpTop Free 2.1.6225

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